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from the sr. warden March 2016
Hello my friends, 
   The last few Sundays have been a testimony to the Glory of God.  The St. Boniface Church family has grown dramatically, with many new members joining us to worship.  There is a sense of happiness and peace in the smile of every parishioner.  If you arrive late, you may find additional seating in the side Chapel of Christ Our King.  The ushers will be glad to assist you.
    I spoke briefly with our Music Director, Mary Mozelle, and the choir at a rehearsal on Wednesday, to tell them how much their music means to us.  Every beautiful note they sing or we hear from the organ or the piano brings us so much closer to God.  Thank you, Mary and choir members.  We greatly appreciate your ministry of music.
     On a recent Sunday, we held a gathering of ushers from the past and present to honor their ministry here.  Their mission is, and always will be, to welcome you and make your worship comfortable.  Some members have served this parish as usher for over 28 years.   
     We have had many notes of gratitude about our streaming of services, a ministry led by our Junior Warden, Vince Brennan.  Vince and his team have brought our worship services into the homes of many who cannot attend our live service on Sundays.  This is another example of our outreach to the community and beyond.
     The search for our new Priest-in-Charge is progressing on schedule.  The Vestry has completed the necessary documents for the Diocesan and St. Boniface Church websites.  Many clergy have applied already and are being processed by the Diocese.  Should you have a priest in mind that you feel would be a good fit for our parish, please contact that person to make sure they are interested in applying.  If they are interested, please refer them to our website for instructions concerning the application process.  The window for application will close April 1, 2016. 
     If things move along as we expect they will, the Vestry should be able to start their discernment on the final two or three candidates in April.  We hope to call a Priest-in-Charge by the end of summer; however, we will not rush the process.  I ask that you please be patient with us should we feel the need to change the time line.
     Please know that I am available to you should you have any questions about church issues.  My home phone is listed in the Sunday bulletin.
     The kindness and peace of our Lord prevails at St. Boniface Church.  It’s a wonderful feeling.
     May God bless you and your families.
     Doug Francis