From the Senior Warden - March 2015
Greetings from the Sr. Warden and your Vestry during this very special Holy Season of Lent;
     At our recent Vestry meeting, we talked at length about the challenges we face at St. Boniface, and I’m sure many of you share the same concerns.  One of our main responsibilities as your Vestry is to make sure the church operates under a balanced budget.  The task of cutting expenses while asking for greater financial support from the congregation seems rather straight forward. As you might guess, it is not.  The losing of valued staff members and the reduction of programs affects people we love, and what we have come to expect at our church.  Please believe this is no easy task for any of us, and we pray for those that are affected.
     We have asked each of you to examine your giving to St. Boniface Church, and, if in your heart, you feel you can manage to increase your support, we may be able to lessen the planned reductions.  Many of us have kept our pledge relatively consistent over the past years.  I know I did.  But this year I doubled my pledge for two reasons.  First, I believe I can do so by making only small sacrifices along the way.  Second, God and the people of St. Boniface have changed my life over the past 10 years.  I look forward to worship events and to share fellowship with each one of you.  I don’t want that to ever change.  When we get together at St. Boniface and sharing the peace and love that Christ has brought to us, I know God is happy with us.
     The Vestry thanks each of you for all you do at St. Boniface Church, and we strive to be the leadership team you deserve.
     May God bless each one of you, and I pray that the Holy Spirit be with us as we discern how we can best serve our community through Him.     Doug Francis
Vestry election results and annual meeting
Thanks to all who participated in the election of a new class of St. Boniface vestry members – a wonderful response!
The 5 candidates voted into the class of 2017 are (in alphabetical order):  Suzanne Barksdale, Suzanne Gregory, Reg Irvine, Tammy Lloyd and Paul Neuhauser.  Congratulations!
If you missed the Annual Meeting, click here to watch it!
parish forums
If you missed the August forums that sprung from the Appreciative Inquiry gatherings, click on the links below to view the recordings:
August 3  A presentation outlining the results from more than 100 parishioner responses compiled from the Appreciative Inquiry meetings held with our parish consultant.  CLICK HERE to view the recorded version of the August 3 forum
August 10  Fr. John Hall sheds additional light on the learning gleaned from the Appreciative Inquiry meetings and focuses on the responsive programming opportunities for the parish scheduled for the coming season.  CLICK HERE to view the recorded version of the August 10 forum
August 17  Members of the Vestry’s Budget Transparency Committee explained our parish budget and finances, answering questions raised in the Appreciative Inquiry meetings, like “Where does the money come from?” and “Where does my pledge really go?”  CLICK HERE to view the recorded version of the August 17 forum
Vestry directory
Senior Warden
...Doug Francis 921-6820
Junior Warden
...Vince Brennan 356-4400
...Jon Gordon 923-2302
Clerk of Vestry
...Lisa Wolf 349-5616
Vestry 2015
Doug Francis 921-6820
Jon Gordon 923-2302
Tony Neubroch
Keith Rollins 371-4339
Paul van Deventer 312-0145
Vestry 2016
Doriel Boyce 554-4084
Vince Brennan 356-4400
David Eichlin 921-6812
Joanne Heiland 349-4321
Mary Ivey 927-1678
Vestry 2017
Suzanne Barksdale 320-2398
Suzanne Gregory 954-1297
Reg Irvine 993-0010
Tammy Lloyd 323-7343
Paul Neuhauser 349-6164
CURRENT BY-LAWS click here
(Please note that the Vestry is currently working on a complete revision of above bylaws)


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