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From the sr. warden summer 2016

Greetings fellow parishioners,

By the time you read this, three of our church leaders will have left St. Boniface Church for new ministries elsewhere.  David Seger has returned to South Dakota to once again be a husband, father and grandfather, Andi Taylor will be the Rector of her own church at St. David’s in So. Yarmouth, MA, and Mary Mozelle will bring her music genius to Boone, NC at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.  All three of these wonderful people leave a spiritual legacy at St. Boniface through ministries that will shape our future in love and devotion.  God has called each of them to serve in a different way and a different place.  We are so grateful for their time with us.

We stand on the door step to a bright, new future with new leaders, new ideas and new missions.  With all the excitement and anxiety of change, we still have one constant:  our worship together in God’s house to understand and practice the peace and love of Jesus.    Leaders come and go and change is always present, but as we focus on our worship to God and bringing Christ’s ministry to our community and the world, we will turn the anxiety of change into new hope and new beginnings.  Remember, we can always count on the fellowship, love and support of God’s family here at St. Boniface Church.  What a blessing we have in each other.

As mentioned in the last newsletter, with the help of our retired clergy and the clergy of the Bishop’s staff, we will have full clergy coverage until we call a Priest-in-Charge.  Our worship music will continue after Mary Mozelle leaves through the help of Robert Reeves and other substitute music ministers.  We will be searching for a new Director of Music after the calling of a Priest-in-Charge.

The search and discernment process is progressing on schedule.  All four applicants have spent time at St. Boniface, having multiple interviews with the Vestry and Staff. In July, we will devote many hours to each applicant, reviewing all of the interviews, references, and documents.  In the first week of August, we will select the applicant that we feel God is asking us to call.  At that time, we will make a visit to that applicant’s parish for final references and interviews. 

Many of you have asked why we have kept the visits so low key.  Our applicants have requested confidentiality since their parishes have not been told that they are looking.  This practice is not uncommon, and they appreciate your understanding.  In the Episcopal Church, applicants for a Rector or Priest-in-Charge position do not “perform” for the congregation by giving a sermon as part of the discernment process.  As a discernment committee, the Vestry members have listened to many sermons from each applicant.  We realize the sermon is only one aspect of the many gifts a priest brings as the spiritual leader of a church.

A number of parishioners have donated a onetime offering to help us with search expenses.  This is a blessing for us, and we thank each donor for their help and generosity.  Of course, we welcome you to join them with a donation of any size.  Every little bit helps. 

Thanks to each one of you for all you do for St. Boniface, and for being such a wonderful family.  We are a strong, resilient community that is dedicated to serving God and his church.