Ways to Give
♦  Give now on line or download a form.
♦  Give by sending a text.
♦  Gifts of Gift of Stock.
♦ Tribute Gifts in memory or honor.
♦  Participate in our Church Ministries.
♦  Visit A portion of your purchase comes back to Saint Boniface to support our ministries.
JtG Logo
JtG Logo
Journey with us at St. Boniface in 2018!
Along the way you’ll find  rich opportunities to worship, gain and share insights into who we are as people of God and followers of Jesus, care for one another and the community beyond, find peace in the beauty of our church and grounds, receive support and encouragement, and enjoy time for fellowship and fun.
Working, praying & giving together at St. Boniface in 2018,
we can more fully carry out Christ’s ministry by…
Continuing to reach out to others in Jesus’ name.
Enhancing our Christian education and formation.
Focusing on serving young families. 
Growing our ministry to young adults and youth.
Making great music.
Welcoming newcomers.
Keeping our campus beautiful and “green.”
Creating new ministries.
Pastorally caring for the sick and the hurting.
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Ways to Give
 If you’re looking for a way to support St. Boniface, but also need to be mindful of your cash flow, consider making a gift of appreciated stock, IRA distribution, or donor advised fund.  Each of these allows you to give as generously as you’d like to give, without affecting your cash flow.  Some may also create a tax savings for you.  Your gifts support all that we do at St. Boniface!  Contact the church office (941-349-5616 x318) for details.