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Living Generously Page Banner
Living Generously Page Banner
All we have is God's gift. How will we use it to further His Kingdom?
Living Generously, Giving Joyfully
Living Generously, Giving Joy-fully, our financial stewardship theme this year, embraces the relational core of our Christian faith.  We live in relationship with our Good God in Jesus.  And we live in relationship with each other in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.  The priority of our relationships is J.O.Y.: Jesus, Others, You. 
Our lives together at St. Boniface offer many opportunities for living generously– whether through St. Boniface ministries, parish outreach or cherished connections with fellow parishioners.  A natural extension of living generously is giving joy-fully.  As our lives are enriched, so are we moved to share our blessings.  Our pledges and gifts to the church allow us to do just that!  See the sidebar at the left for ways to support our expansive ministries and inclusive fellowship at St. Boniface.
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Will Power
Surprisingly, almost half of American don’t have a current will – or a will at all, according to recent surveys!  Without a will, the state will decide how to distribute your property and assets, likely with nothing going to your church, favorite charities or friends.  Why not make a New Year’s resolution to make sure your affairs are in order!  Spend a little time now to make a list of your loved ones, important charitable groups (including St. Boniface!), and your assets, and create a plan that ensures what you have goes to who you want.  To get started, check our planning tool at (search “wills preparation”) or contact Betsie Danner (941-349-5616 x318 or via email).