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Gratitude Commission
Prill and Chris Nugent
Mary and Jon Gordon
Bob Griffiths
Caroline Amory and Marjorie Floyd
Gino Fellin
Kay and Bob Goodman
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Hands w Light Logo R1
"Every generous act of giving, with every perfect gift, is from above..."
-- James 1:17, NRSV


A Prayer of Gratitude
Gracious God, giver of all we have and hold as co-creators of your Kingdom; grant us, the people of St. Boniface, a deep and abiding awareness that all things come from you – this earth, our health, our incomes, our jobs, our talents and our generous impulse. Send your Holy Spirit to help us as a parish and as individuals, consciously deepen our spiritual relationship with you. Through our relationship with you, abundance will flow. May we keep you in our hearts and minds as we move through this gift of today thoughtfully, generouslly, joyfully.  In Jesus’ name, Amen
An Open Letter from the Rector
Read on for a preview of our 2022 year of gratitude!
From Recipients, to Disciples, to Co-Creators
Where do God’s Kingdom and our hearts and hands intersect?  Follow along with chaplain Bob Griffiths.  In these short video reflections he shares his thoughts on seeing how each act of giving deepens our gratitude and moves us toward serving as co-creators of God’s Kingdom.
Uncovering Gratitude:  Recognizing God's unfailing goodness to us.
Come back next week for the next installment!