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How we recognize and respond to God at work within us, touches every part of our lives -- family and friends, health, work and play. Even financial. Read more... Read More
A Stewardship Prayer
Gracious God, giver of all we have and hold as stewards; grant us, the people of St. Boniface, a deep and abiding awareness that all things come from you – this earth, our health, our incomes, our jobs, our talents and our generous impulse. Send your Holy Spirit to help us as a parish and as individuals, consciously deepen our spiritual relationship with you. Through our relationship with you, abundance will flow. May we keep you in our hearts and minds as we move through this gift of today thoughtfully and joyfully.  In Jesus’ name, Amen
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Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God,
serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received.
--1 Peter 4:10
With joyful hope in uncertain times, let us give for what can be.
Our commitment to support the mission and ministries of St. Boniface Church with our pledge expresses faith in God, in one another, and in the future.
Our faith enlarges the meaning behind our pledge to encompass who we are as people— our minds, hearts, and abilities.
Our differences are used by God to knit us together; we are each appreciated for our unique gifts. Our pledges express this.
These times are uncertain, but Christian hope strengthens us. In the midst of confusion, let us realize the strength of God, and let us participate in a strong and vibrant future at St. Boniface.
What can be? All are invited to participate fully in the future of the church. And through that participation to be fulfilled ourselves.


You're Invited!

We hope you'll join us for a unique St. Boniface celebration.  In spite of this most unusal year, we have much to celebrate, and we have an exciting vision for the year ahead.  Read more here.  Then, sign up below for the celebration of your choice. Lastly, click here for our fun St. Boniface and Me exercise.
  • Tuesday, October 27, 7 - 8 pm            click here to sign up for 10/27
  • Wednesday, October 28, 11 - 12pm    click here to sign up for 10/28
  • Thursday, October 29, 2 - 3 pm           click here to sign up for 10/29


offered by The Episcopal Network for Stewardship
For Sunday, October 4th - St. Francis' Faith-Filled Generosity
For Sunday, October 11th - Living into New Ways of Being the Church
For Sunday, October 25th - Freely Giving our all to God
Stewardship Minutes for Ministry
We invite you to hear what fellow parishioners have to share on giving, joy, and faith - especially in these uncertain times.
October Stewardship Focus – The Harvest!
Whose thoughts don’t turn to images of the Fall harvest – rich with color, smell, and memories!  Few of us claim to be farmers, but from crops to creativity we all can claim bounty in one form or another.  There is joy in our sowing and tending coming to fruition.  But how much greater that joy can become when we share our bounty and open ourselves to receive from others.  Stewardship begins when we look to all we have as a means of enriching the lives of others, and understanding that in doing so our lives are also enriched.