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Each legacy gift is as unique as its donor's ideas and ideals.  Some gifts are as basic as a bequest in a will, others are more more involved such as charitable gift annuities.  Some come directly to Saint Boniface, and some benenfit family members first, with Saint Boniface receiving the gift once these loved ones have died.  Some are designated for a special purpose and others are undesignated.  But, all build a vibrant future for our parish and the community we reach out to. 
Read on for stories of how parishioners achieved their financial, family care and legacy goals.
ACTIVE PARISHIONER WANTS TO ENSURE AN ACTIVE PARISH    Evelyn Ferguson drives past no fewer than four Episcopal churches on her way to Saint Boniface. She’ll tell you it’s a drive she doesn’t mind taking. She initially came here 1979 and over the years this has become very much her parish home. She participates in an almost A to Z list of activities at Saint Boniface – from altar guild to ushering. But she especially values her time volunteering with the pastoral care ministry and running the Thrift Shop. In addition to supporting Saint Boniface with her time and talent, Evelyn also supports it with her treasure. "The church has always been a big part of my life, and I’ve given as far back as I can remember," she says. "Both Charles, my late husband, and I wanted to continue to provide for Saint Boniface even after we were no longer alive to do so." As such, they established a Pooled Income Fund with the Episcopal Church Foundation. They set up the gift so that Saint Boniface and Charles’ home church would receive the remainder of the fund at Evelyn’s death, and so that Evelyn would receive regular income from the fund during her lifetime. When asked why she and Charles took the time to create such a gift, Evelyn says, "When we see how easy it is to spend money on houses or cars or the other trappings of life, it’s important that we think about our church and the big part it has played in our lives. When I consider how blessed my life has been, I can’t not give!"
PARISHIONER’S LEGACY GIFT TEACHES GRANDSONS GENEROSITY   A second generation Saint Boniface parishioner passes along more than an inheritance with his legacy gift. His family has always shared a commitment to the community and provided for Saint Boniface. He wants to ensure that both traditions of support continue, even after his death. He also has children and grandchildren he wants to provide for. He came up with a unique solution of linking generations through philanthropy. Working with the Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice, he established a donor advised fund that will benefit Saint Boniface in years to come. In the meantime he intends for its annual income to also support worthy organizations. His advisors on who will receive the annual gifts? His two teenage grandsons. Several times each year the three men meet to decide where to donate the money from the fund. He says that although they wear shorts, the meeting is serious business, and the meetings give him an opportunity to share his values as well as learn about his grandsons’ interests. Upon his death, his grandsons will continue to distribute income from the fund each year. At their death, Saint Boniface will receive the remainder of the fund. And in the meantime two young people will learn the joy of giving back from what has been given to them.
UNEXPECTED GIFT ENSURES A TREASURED TRADITION CONTINUES    We received a generous and unexpected gift from longtime parishioner, Betty Bouffard. In recent years Betty had not been able to come to church. But she had fond memories of her active life here, involvement in ministries and fellowship with Boniface friends. Wanting to perpetuate her experiences here for others, she left a bequest to Saint Boniface, letting the Vestry and Rector determine how it would best benefit the church. This gift was divided between our Foundation for Outreach to provide grants for worthy projects in our community and beyond; our Capital Reserve to preserve our building and grounds; and for Holy Cross in Residence – a treasured week-long visit by Order of the Holy Cross brother, Bernard Delcourt, filled with preaching, teaching, spiritual retreat and prayer. Betty’s vision for our vibrant future is being realized, with outreach, stewardship of our campus, and an enriched parish life. 
YOU ONLY HAVE TO BE YOUNG AT HEART TO LOVE THE PRESCHOOL    Hettie Lisle was a long-time parishioner. In addition to her love for Saint Boniface, she also had a passion for the work of our Preschool. She valued the importance of creating an environment where each child could flourish emotionally, developmentally, physically and spiritually. As such she gave to the Preschool regularly during her lifetime. Wanting to ensure that the Preschool continued to benefit from her support even after her death, she named Saint Boniface as a beneficiary of her will. Her modest thoughtful act has created a wonderful lasting presence.
PROVIDING FOR FAMILY, PROVIDING FOR PARISH  Florence and Arthur Lindstrom were parishioners many years ago, faithfully attending services and participating in the life of the parish. Their creative legacy plan provided for their daughter, Margaret, during her lifetime and after her death for their favorite institutions – their churches, a church mission project, and local charities. With Margaret’s recent death, the principle of their trusts will be distributed to Saint Boniface and the other named charities. We anticipate receiving $100,000. Exercising thoughtful stewardship, the Vestry will apply these funds to identified current and long range projects that were deferred when the economy stalled. We celebrate the Lindstrom’s foresight and generosity, strengthening our work in the world in Christ’s name.
LEAVING A CONCRETE GIFT    Ed Copland loved Saint Boniface. It showed in the many ways he participated in parish life, from a familiar face at Wonderful Wednesdays to working with the Thrift Shop and its board to ushering Sundays. Still, he wanted to do something noteworthy, something concrete that would endure beyond his lifetime. Working with a representative of the Episcopal Church Foundation, an independent arm of the Church, he devised a charitable gift annuity. (This is a tool created by giving a sum of money that will ultimately go to your named beneficiary, and in the interim provides you with regular income.) Ed’s creative planning, was a win-win. He received an 11% return on his annuity, and left to Saint Boniface a generous gift that helped fund our Courtyard. Many parishioners as well as members of the community enjoy our Courtyard as a place for fellowship, worship, simple gatherings, and for peaceful reflection. And over the years Ed’s generosity will be enjoyed by countless others.
Interested in creating your own legacy to achieve your unique goals? 


Last Published: June 30, 2014 3:16 PM