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A Stewardship Prayer
Gracious God, giver of all we have and hold as stewards; grant us, the people of St. Boniface, a deep and abiding awareness that all things come from you – this earth, our health, our incomes, our jobs, our talents and our generous impulse. Send your Holy Spirit to help us as a parish and as individuals, consciously deepen our spiritual relationship with you. Through our relationship with you, abundance will flow. May we keep you in our hearts and minds as we move through this gift of today thoughtfully and joyfully.  In Jesus’ name, Amen
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St. Boniface gratefully acknowledges the following tribute gifts, received to-date in 2016.
In addition to remembering and honoring the people named, the gifts also help St. Boniface continue the work we do in Christ’s name.
  • In honor of our retired clergy by Frank and Bunny Willett
  • In thanksgiving for Richard and Cynthia Sand and their work with the Healing Mission by Andrea Sand
  • In memory of Don Healy by Joseph and Diane Behrendt, Clayton and Annegret Bredlau, Charlotte Hawkes, Charles and Linda Healy, Mary Healy and Joe McDuffie, Jane Howell, Erica Johnson, Robert and Susan Johnson, Anne Labree, David and Jean Morrill, Robert and Joyce VanZandt
  • In memory of Helen Healy by Joseph and Diane Behrendt, Mary Healy and Hal McDuffie, Erica Johnson, Robert and Susan Johnson, Anne Labree, David and Jean Morrill
  • In memory of David Lubas by Anne Overbeck, Dee and Virginia Tashiam
  • In memory of Jack Sadler by Vince Brennan and Betsie Danner, Charlotte and John Calhoun, Susan and John Combs, Peg and Harry Davant, Sandra Dempsey, Erskine and Mary Jo Hopkins, Merrill Kaegi, Shari Sadler, John and Maragaret Smoots, Penny Wheeler
  • In memory of Albert Smith by Mary Jo and Erskine Hopkins
  • In memory of Robert Spier by Liz Harper, Deborah L. McMullen, Fred and Molly Moffat, Thomas Spier
  • In memory of Betty Staffersch by Richard and Cynthia Sand
Last Published: May 12, 2016 1:08 PM