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Gratitude Commission
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Giving is first and foremost an act of praise and thanksgiving, part of our faith- walk. Read our FAQs here. Read More
Creating More Than Enough at St. Boniface Church
Watch here to see the many ways your gifts of wealth, works, and wisdom create a joyful and inclusive community at St. Boniface Church that lives and reflects to all creation God's love through worship, teaching, healing, and outreach.
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StB_Banner_Gratitude_MTE_CoreValues for website
I am with you always, to the close of the age.   –Matthew 28:20
Christ will be with us always. What comfort and hope! While we cannot make the same claim, through creating a legacy gift we can continue to be present, even after our physical death, for those people and ministries we hold dear.
Legacy giving is for everyone who owns anything and who has loved ones. You don’t need substantial means. You need only a substantial desire that your life’s accumulated gains become a testament to the good works God has already begun in you.
For more information, visit the pages below or contact Betsie Danner in the church office (941-349-5616 x318).
The Episcopal Church Foundation -- an independent, lay-led organization helping the Episopal Church and its members achieve their ministry, financial and legacy goals.

CREATING LEGACIES    Are wills and estate plans mere legal issues?  Grab a Book of Common Prayer and check out page 445.  It tells us that parents should make provisions for their families.  It also says that all people should make arrangements for our worldly goods not only for our families, but also “for religious and charitable uses” if we are able.  Yes, wills and estate plans involve our lawyers.  But, they begin with our Christian faith and values.  To discuss your legacy ideas contact Betsie Danner (941/349-5616 x318, or via email).

Last Published: January 3, 2017 1:06 PM