Room Rentals
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You may pay your room fee with a credit card or check.   Event must have been confirmed and you must know the amount to pay.  PAY NOW

Saint Boniface has several size rooms available for meetings and public or private gatherings.  In addition, Walker's Catering can take care of all your culinary needs while here.


The information below reflects the Room, dimensions, capacity and rental price. Prices shown are 4-hour rental; additional hourly rates apply after that (prices effective 7/1/2021).  To rent a room, call 941-349-5616.  To see a Boniface Campus Map, click here.

Boniface Community Center  (pictures)
(security deposit required)
59 x 49 150 - 200
$125/hour after 4 hours
Parish Hall 40 x 49 100
$75/hour after 4 hours
Church   463 $625
20 x 31
$20/hour after 4 hours
St. Francis 26 x 39 75
$25/hour after 4 hours
Crediton Room 14 x 19 10 x 12 $50
Children's Playground     $125

Capacity is listed as regular room set up; a group may expect to seat this number without extra furniture.  An additional charge will result if Boniface staff has to do your set-up or move furniture or re-set the room. Depending on the event, a cleaning deposit may be required.

Available Equipment:  projectors, screens, flip-chart and dry-erase easels, television, VCR and DVD players, and microphones (additional fees may apply).  Wi-fi, HDMI, PC & Apple connectivity available. Onsite catering kitchen available in the Boniface Community Center for licensed caterers, $50/hour rate applies. We can provide coffee, lemonade or tea at an extra charge.

Sexton: St. Boniface Church will determine when a sexton (caretaker/custodian) is required for your event, which may be necessary because of the hour of use, special needs, security or other reasons determined by St. Boniface staff.  Sexton cost is $25 per hour, $100 minimum may apply.