From the rector - February 2015
Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.
     My ophthalmologist checked my eyesight a few weeks ago. I was in for my annual checkup and for new glasses. I sat in a chair looking through the refractor device focused on an eye chart 20 feet away. The doctor flipped lenses of different strengths back and forth into my view. With each new lens he asked, “Which lens is clearer? One or two? One or two?”
     As always, my doctor and I shared a single goal – 20/20 vision.
     Here at St. Boniface, when I think of the ministry we all share together, I am struck by the fact that the year 2020 is less than five years away. We have a unique opportunity for a ministry checkup of sorts – a chance to focus our future mission and vision as a parish – a moment to see clearly where God is calling us in 2020 and beyond.
     You have the opportunity to help clarify our future together at St. Boniface. Your input can help us make key decisions – just like flipping between lenses to see which one is the clearest – to help us understand our call from God in the days ahead.
     Beginning Sunday, February 15th, you are invited to participate in the first of monthly all-parish forums to discuss our next steps. These gatherings will bring clarity to important questions before us. Questions like these:
     “What is our history and how does it shape our present?”
     “What are the realities of our current life and ministry as a parish?”
     “What ministries do we feel called to in the future (and what is not in our   future)?”
     “How will we fund our way forward?”
     “What will we claim as our mission?”
     “What vision will we cast for the next chapter in our lives together?”
     “Will we be clear about our priorities for 2020 and beyond?”
     Only our congregation working together can answer these questions. Your input is vital to this process. Please plan to join in these monthly all-parish forums and help write our prescription for a healthy future in ministry and mission.               Fr. John Hall


Visioning Forum session 1

A historical timeline of St. Boniface Church from 1959 to today and beyond.  Fr. John Hall led a session on Sunday, February 15, that looked back on important moments in our history as a Church; our leaders, significant changes, events and programs that have occurred through the years.  CLICK HERE to view the forum.

This was the first of the monthly visioning sessions to take place this year, the next is scheduled for Sunday, March 8.

John Hall photo



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