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God of new life,
As your people seek refuge
in a time of uncertainty,
When borders are closed, resettlement halted, and services limited,
May your presence be known:
You have not abandoned them,
the refugees.
When Mary wept at your tomb,
you came to her.
Unrecognized at first, but you were there
With arms open to receive.
May we, the global community,
imitate you,
Bringing comfort to the brokenhearted here on earth.
When all seems lost along the journey, with the world sealed off,
may we be there, despite the distance,
With arms open to receive.


- Prayer from Jesuit Refugee Services

More than 70.8 million people of all ages around the world are forcibly displaced. More than half of those are internally displaced; and 3.5 million are asylum seekers. Together those men, women, and children would form a country with a population larger than France.

In the fall of 2019, a small group of people at St. Boniface Church came together as the Migration Ministry to act as a passionate and dedicated catalyst to create opportunities for St. Boniface congregants to honor the dignity of immigrants.

Areas of Action
Education  Of ourselves and the congregation about the issues, challenges and potential action.
Advocacy  by joining with the national Episcopal Migration Ministry and other churches in working for just and honorable programs and legislation.
Support of organizations working for the fair and just treatment of migrants, whatever their legal status
Over the past 18 months and before the Covid-19 pandemic, the group sponsored a series of Wednesday evening dinners.  Each brought their own perspective to the challenges facing individuals and families as migrants in the U.S.

Allison Duvall, of the national church’s Episcopal Migration Ministry
Rev. Hipolito Fernandez-Reina, St. Giles Episcopal Church, Clearwater
Moises Lopez, St. Boniface Congregant and a registered DACA person
    - Watch an interview with Moises HERE
    - Moises' family story in Honduras before migration view HERE
    - View HERE Moises' account of his harrowing journey from Honduras to the US

Mig Min adult ed

Grassroots advocacy, phone calls, emails and letters from Church members around the country to make their voices known to members of Congress, is  the work of the Episcopal Public Policy Network. EPPN sends out policy alerts updating members on what is happening in Washington. It is an easy way for us to stay updated about key issues including migration/immigration. To add your voice go to www.episcopalchurch.org/eppn  or call 1-800-228-0515.
Here is the latest Action Alert on efforts to support Dreamers (DACA) https://episcopalchurch.org/OGR/action-alerts
Please watch our Migration Ministry Workgroup member, Alice Reid, describe her experience of talking with the offices of Senator Marco Rubio and Congressman Vern Buchanan: https://youtu.be/qm9TyfIKtFs
In its first direction action of support the Migration Ministry Group submitted a grant to the St. Boniface Grants & Outreach committee. Low-income Latino families in the Sarasota area are being hit particularly hard by the economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. The $3,000 grant will allow  UNIDOSNow, a local nonprofit organization, to give emergency aid to  help families that have lost their jobs pay for basic living expenses. See https://unidosnow.org/

Theological Underpinning The members of the Migration Ministry Group believe that we as individual Christians and as a congregation are tied into this issue. It is our task to build bridges and find cooperative solutions.

What Can I Do?
Join the Episcopal Public Policy Network to become part of a nationwide network of activists.

Learn about the issues – legal, financial, political, economic – behind the world wide refugee crisis.

Donate to the work of the Episcopal Migration Ministry in its work to resettle migrants and to work for justice for asylum seekers. See https://episcopalmigrationministries.org/