Boniface Grant Buys a Van
This spring, the St. Boniface Grants & Outreach Committee recommended a $5,000 grant to Brothers and Sisters Doing the Right Thing, which serves the youth of Newtown with tutoring and mentoring programs. Read on for how this grant was put into action. Read More
Boniface Grant Buys a Van
Brings Summer Fun and Hope
Dear Friends,
Alice [Jones, our director,] and I want to tell you about the "new" van that we purchased with your wonderful grant.
Our first van, years and years ago, was a gift.  It was decrepit, and it was appreciated!  But with patched tires and masking tape and holes in the roof, it got the kids around for several years.  There are a lot of men in Newtown who know cars and they kept the brakes working and patched up the hole in the roof (I'm serious!).
Two years ago the sheriff's office donated a used white van that was definitely a step up.  Unfortunately, it was a smaller passenger van and we deal with TALL middle and high school kids.  Despite air conditioning for the first time -- and no holes in the roof -- it wasn't a good fit for the program, especially during the summer when Alice is driving kids everywhere every day!
We were afraid we'd be forced to go back to the first van which, unfortunately, simply wasn't safe anymore. 
But, this past week Alice found a 2000 GMC Chevy "bus" which is “just right.”  It’s safer and better leg-wise!  Your grant helped pay for this “bus.”  Alice can now drive these children safely to our many summer program activities.  It may be 17 years old, but the men in the neighborhood, who have experience with vehicles, tell her she made a great purchase.
You and the people of St. Boniface helped make this possible, and we wanted you to know how grateful we are.
Dee Webber
Asst. Director, Brothers and Sisters Doing the Right Thing
Last Published: August 21, 2017 7:51 PM