FAMILY PROMISE:  A SUCCESS STORY    St. Boniface enjoys a long and proud history of working with this local group that supports families rocked by a crisis that has left them homeless.  Over 80% of the guest families in the program graduate, regaining self-sufficiency, housing and dignity.  What to be part of this success story? 
Join your fellow parishioners – over 100 of them! – and spend a few hours volunteering during our host week April 12-19.  Opportunities abound right here on our own church campus:
  • provide a meal
  • on-campus over-night host (like a camp host, only in your own separate, cozy sleeping quarters with a comfy bed!)
  • driving the van -- to and from the Family Promise Day Center near downtown
  • launder bed/bath linens at the end of the week
  • hang out and enjoy fellowship with the guest families


The four key components of Family Promise combine to support families in making positive changes in their lives:

1. Host Congregations - Provide overnight sleeping accommodations and hospitality where guests can relax, socialize, do homework or just watch TV.  An evening meal, breakfast, and a bag lunch are supplied.

2. Family Day Center - Provides a home base, mailing address and phone number with voice mail for guest families. They can shower, do laundry, seek counsel of the Family Promise Case Manager, and use the fax machine and computer to assist in job or housing search.

3. Daily Transportation - Family Promise provides a 14-passenger van. This promotes safety and timely arrival of the children at school or day care and supports the adults getting to work or appointments.

4. Volunteer Based - Cheerful and supportive volunteers are the heart and soul of the program. Trained volunteers set up the beds, prepare the meals, launder the bedding, help with homework, lend a friendly ear and provide warm and supportive hospitality.

Click here to see all the services Family Promise Sarasota provides!

Saint Boniface Church is a Family Promise of Sarasota host congregation.  As a host congregation, for one week, four times a year the Saint Boniface campus will be "home" for up to four families in need. The families will enjoy our hospitality on the campus from about 5:00 in the evening until 7:00 the next morning during their week with us. During the day the families will be either at their jobs or at the Family Promise Day Center in town. While they are with us, we have several volunteer slots available — helping set up their rooms, preparing and serving dinner or breakfast, helping with homework, socializing during the evening, or sleeping overnight on the campus. We have a place for anyone wanting to help.  

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