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Second Saturday Spirituality Sharing
We gather via Zoom the second Saturday of each month to share spiritual practices we've found helpful.  To join in this month's gathering, please click here to request the Zoom meeting link.
Each month a speaker shares a short presentation, and thought-full and thought-provoking questions and commnents round out our hour together.  Scroll through the links below to view past Second Saturday Spirituality Sharing videos. 
As we prepare to celebrate the Resurrection this Easter, St. Boniface's Center for Spiritual Transformation shares a special time of reflection. Join us for a presentation and discussion on the Great Mystery.
Accomplished artist and former art instructor, Zerbe Sodervick, shares her experiences with and insights into the connection between creativity and spirituality.
Join Fr. Jeff Hamblin as he shares, from the depth of his insight and knowledge, the ways the Bible can serve as a light along our personal spiritual path.
A special presentation with Bro. John Brendan Filkins, sharing some history of Celtic Spirituality, as well as his own experience as Abbot of the Religious Order Anamchara Fellowship. 
Parishioner and Tom Kearney discusses his experience with the spirituality of outreach and serving others.  Facilitated by Tom, the session’s participants share stories from and questions raised by their own experiences.
Prayer Shawl Ministers Meg Larrabee and Mark Merrill share their experiences and insights with this ministry of knitted prayer.
Delving into his extensive study of scripture, John Garisto helps us understand how healing can transform us spiritually.
Annie Moore shares her personal story and insights on how even -- especially! -- trying times can serve as spriitual pathways.
The Rev. Elisa Hansen, Art Research Library Director at The Ringling Museum as well as deacon at St. Boniface Episcopal Church, explores whether a work of art needs to be religious to be spiritual.
Vince Brennan shares his experiences with the internet as a tool to enhance spiritual practice, growth and community.
Parishioner Grace Riker, of the Boniface Eco-Stewardship team and member of the Founder’s Club, talks about climate change and our responsibility as Christians for stewardship of creation.
Fr. Michael Piovane engages us in an interactive presentation on practices and benefits of spirituality.
In this lively presentation, Marion Larsen explores a branch of mysticism in which east meets west; a vibrant universalist wisdom of heart and soul which enriches her own Christian path.
Jay Rock invites us to expand our spiritual practices with this prayer form of letting go.
Dr. Lara Wulff shares the deep spiritual benefits to be gained from this celebrated mystic and Carmelite nun's prayer of patience and perspective and trust.
How can the community and curriculum of Education for Ministry provide a spiritual pathway for discerning our personal ministry work in the world?
Outreach may be called the soul of the church. St. Boniface parishioners Doug and Helen Frances share their experiences of outreach as a spiritual pathway.
St. Boniface's Center for Spiritual Transformation explores creative writing as a spiritual pathway.
Explore the ancient spiritual pathway and connection of healing touch prayer.