Center for Spiritual Transformation

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OUR LOGO incorporates the ancient symbols of the chambered nautilus and the lit candle.  Each represents an aspect of the sacred journey.  To grow, the nautilus must create and move into successively larger chambers while retaining its initial growth. 

Candles can pierce the darkness around us and light the path before us.

 OUR MISSION is to offer safe space, diverse pathways, and community that deepens one’s relationship with God.

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taize candles cropped

taize candles cropped

pathways for spiritual transformation

The Center for Spiritual Transformation offers these pathways as spiritual practices

action pathways

Labyrinth: the geographic center of the St. Boniface campus is always available to the public for private and communal use.  Special themed labyrinth walks are held throughout the year.

Hikes and Prayers: a gentle hike, usually through nearby state parks, that includes stops for prayer and reflection.

Prayer Shawl Ministry: a group that uses the work of their hands to send prayers and caring to those needing to be wrapped in God’s love.

Yoga (Hatha): taught by British Wheel certified instructor Anita Andrade, open to both beginners and the more experienced; nominal fee.

Worship Pathways

Taizé Service: a contemporary service held on the first Saturday of the month at 5 o’clock.  Prayerful, relaxed environment with simple plainsong music.

Evensong: a blend of sacred music and scripture reading. Conducted four times between September and May, often with professional guest musicians.

Evening Prayer: using the Book of Common Prayer, offered every Wednesday at 5:30 pm followed by a community meal.

Sacramental Offerings: in the Episcopal tradition, Eucharist is offered on Sundays at 8 and 10 am; and on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10 am.  The Thursday morning Eucharist is a healing liturgy with anointing if desired.  Baptismal, Confirmation and Marriage preparation provides spiritual enrichment for anyone desiring to receive these sacraments and is available by appointment.

Reflective Pathways

Education for Ministry (EFM): an ongoing program that explores scripture, tradition, history, ethics, interfaith dialogue, and theological reflection.

Book Group: a weekly gathering of people engaged in lively discussion and idea exchange over selected and diverse spiritual books.

Speaker Series: notable presenters are invited during the season to share their area of expertise. 

Brown Bag Table Conversations: bring your own lunch and curiosity to explore a variety of spiritual topics using a multimedia approach.

Prayer and Out: contemporary and meditative prayer time for adults 18 to 25 followed by social time.

interior pathways

Healing Mission: a prayerful team of people who provide healing touch and prayer.  Located in a separate cottage on campus, sessions are available by appointment.

Beyond the Broken Heart: an ongoing support for those dealing with the effects of grief and loss, meeting monthly in the Healing Mission.

Contemplative Prayer: an an hour of quiet, guided prayer and meditation, meeting monthly.

Spiritual Direction: there are several credentialed spiritual directors available for one-on-one meetings for personal discernment and spiritual growth.  By appointment only.