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Weddings at Saint Boniface
St. Boniface Church rejoices with you as you prepare for the sacrament of Holy Matrimony. It is our desire that your wedding be both meaningful and beautiful.

Marriage is a physical and spiritual union of two persons, entered into within the community of faith, by mutual consent, and with intent that it be lifelong.

 The Application and Legal Requirements

The couple should meet with the priest to complete the application form long before the planned ceremony. One of you must be a Baptized Christian at the time of the application, and the marital status of both must be ascertained. If one or both of you have been married before, the permission of the Bishop will be required. This permission assumes that you have been active members of the parish and known to the clergy for six months or more and necessitates an additional two months for the application process.

Counseling Before the Marriage

One or more sessions with a professional counselor are a normal part of preparation for marriage. The counselors use a fair fee schedule based on your income. This counseling will reduce the fee Florida residents pay for a marriage license. The parish clergy will also meet with you to discuss the nature and meaning of Christian marriage. If you are away from Sarasota this may be arranged with another Episcopal priest.

The Liturgy and the Clergy

The most beautiful marriage liturgy in English is in The Book of Common Prayer. This is the only liturgy we may use. There are a number of choices to be made and you will be actively involved in making decisions with the priest who officiates at your wedding. If one of you is an active member of another church, we may invite another clergy person to participate in the liturgy. This decision will be made by you and the priest at St. Boniface Church.


After the wedding date is confirmed an appointment should be made with the Director of Music at S.t Boniface Church, who is in charge of all music at our services, even if you have guest soloists or instrumentalists. Our Director of Music will assist you in selecting the music which will reflect the religious nature of the sacrament of marriage. 


Any flowers placed inside the altar rail remain in the church after the wedding. If you do not have a special design for flowers you may contribute to the regular Sunday flower fund, but the arrangement will depend upon the plans of the parish flower coordinator. Tell your florist to deliver flowers to the Flower Room at the north (sacristy) end of the church. The church will be reserved for up to two hours before your service for pictures, flowers, etc.


Please present the license to the officiating priest at the rehearsal. Participants, including all ushers, bridesmaids and parents of the couple should attend the rehearsal. The rehearsal must begin promptly and will last about one hour. 


No flash photographs are to be taken during the ceremony. Photographs may be taken either prior to or after the actual wedding ceremony. The photographer must consult with the priest on the day of the ceremony for permission to take pictures in the available locations. 


What does the fee include?   Cleaning of the church and preparation of the altar, candles, microphones, lights, AC, etc. Printing of a leaflet. Reservation of the church for three hours.

What does the fee not include?  Additional room or cleaning charges, example, room for bridal party, extra cleaning if guests throw rice, etc. Fee does not include donation to the church, which is part of your gift of worship at the time of the service.

Is there a bride’s/groom's dressing room?  Space is limited, so your attendants should plan to arrive dressed and ready for the procession. If you need to use another space for preparation, that must be arranged in advance.

What about having our reception here?  The Parish Hall, Courtyard, or Community Center may be reserved for receptions if available. Please call the building manager (941-349-5616 x 312) for details and fees. There is a small catering kitchen in the parish hall, while the Community Center kitchen is limited to our campus caterers, Walker Family Catering.

Are there other things we should think about?   Runners do not work on tile flooring and you should not plan to use one for safety reasons. St. Boniface is a non-smoking facility. There is a policy on healthy serving of alcoholic beverages. If your reception will be here, please ask for a copy of the parish guidelines.

Offering and Fees at Saint Boniface

Your offering to the church  amount to be decided by you

This is an act of thanksgiving as part of Christian worship, and not included in the fees. Think of this as your legacy for the future when you will want to return with your children to show them the place you were married. This amount is tax deductible for the donor.

Parish Support Fee (Waived for active members) $500

Due at time of application, this charge is not required of active, pledging members as their annual contribution has been supporting the parish.

Fees for the day of your wedding (required of all) $500

Due two weeks before your wedding, the fees cover the costs of our building and staff work in preparation and on the day of your wedding. There are no fees for the clergy ministry.

Counseling Services (paid directly to the counselors)

The psychological profile and counseling sessions are fair fees based on your resources.



Last Published: August 22, 2018 3:11 PM