Healing Mission Q & A


Q.        Do I need to be a member of St. Boniface to come to the Healing Mission?

A.         No, the Healing Mission is open to everyone. Many visitors have come to the Mission from all over the world. No one is ever asked about their religion or belief system.


Q.        Do I have to be seriously ill to come to the Mission?

A.         While many of our visitors have serious medical problems, there are thousands of other reasons for coming to the Mission. Stress, anxiety or indecision are just a few examples of life's difficulties that an individual might seek help in healing.


Q.        Do I have to explain why I have come to the Mission?

A.         Absolutely not. Many people do like to discuss their difficulty to help unburden themselves and enjoy a certain sense of relief in sharing this with someone else. The staff, however, does not give counsel or suggestions on how to deal with problems. A visit to the Mission is to enjoy a time of rest and relaxati­on and prayerfully find answers within yourself. Every visit is held in strict confidence and never discussed with anyone.


Q.        Is there a charge for a visit?

A.         The Healing Mission never asks for money from anyone who comes to the Mission.


Q.        How does the Mission support itself?

A.         The Mission's income comes from the generous, unsolicited donations of those who are grateful for the positive changes in their lives which they attribute to the Healing Mission. We gratefully accept these gifts so that we may continue being that special place of healing to others.


Q.        Who staffs the Healing Mission?

A.         The Mission is staffed by volunteers who elect a Coordinator and come under supervision of the Rector of Saint Boniface.


Q.        What takes place during a visit?

A.         A visitor is first welcomed in the waiting area by a receptionist. From there they are taken to a private room to meet their Healing Minister and a prayer partner. They will be asked to lie down or sit, which ever is most comfortable for them. The Healing Minister and assistant say the Lord's Prayer and the visitor is encouraged to join in if they wish. The Healing Minister will very lightly lay hands on the head, shoulders and feet. If there is a particular area of difficulty, with the visitors permission, this area will also receive the same light touch. All this is done in silence and an appointment lasts approximately 30 minutes.


Q.        Should I stop any other care that I am receiving and just rely on the Healing Mission?

A.         Certainly not! We urge you to consider the Mission as part of a support group for what ever form of treatment you are presently receiving.


Q.        Do I need an appointment?

A.         Yes, appointments are made on the half hour. The Healing Mission is open Tuesday, Wednesday and  Friday mornings by arrangement.


Q.        Where is the Healing Mission located?

A.         The Healing Mission is located on the grounds of St. Boniface Episcopal Church on Siesta Key, Sarasota, Florida.


Last Published: May 7, 2013 11:44 AM